Batter Up Taiyaki began as a half joke during a holiday in Japan. Taiyaki are one of our favourite sweet treats when visiting Japan but fresh taiyaki were hard to come by in Perth. We planned out our business venture while walking the streets of Tokyo but when we returned to Perth, our hypothetical plans were put on the backburner. A few months down the track the topic of taiyaki resurfaced and we thought, why not!? Subsequently, Batter Up Taiyaki was born.

While taiyaki (directly translating to 'baked sea bream') are cooked in fish shaped pans, they do not contain any seafood. Put simply, this Japanese street food is a light, golden pancake with a sweet filling. At Batter Up Taiyaki we have a choice of vanilla custard cream, matcha custard cream, and the traditional adzuki red bean. We can assure you they're all delicious!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Dan + Sarah
The Batter Up Taiyaki team